The members of Council are elected by the full membership of the Association every two years at an Annual General Meeting for a term of office of two years. Up to three consecutive terms of office may be served. The general intention is that approximately one third of Council retire biennially whilst two thirds remain in office, so that there is both continuity and turn-over.

Council consists of the Honorary Officers together with not less than four or more than ten ordinary members elected at an Annual General Meeting. Council has power to appoint any member of the Association to be an ordinary member of Council to fill a casual vacancy or up to three further members of the Association as additional members of Council to hold office until the conclusion of the next following Annual General Meeting.

Honorary Officers

The Association does not have an Office of President. The four Honorary Officers are Chairman of Council, Vice-Chairman of Council, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer (see below).

The Honorary Secretary has the responsibilities and performs the duties of Company Secretary.

Dr Alok Tyagi

Vice Chair:
Dr Stuart Weatherby

Wendy Thomas

Dr Callum Duncan

Council Members:
Professor Peter Goadsby (Chair 2013-2015)
Fayyaz Ahmed – Education Officer
Dr Paul Davies  – Newsletter Officer
Dr Zameel Cader
Dr Brendan Davies
Dr Philip Holland
Dr David Kernick
Dr Kathryn Medcalf
Dr Leena Mewasingh
Dr Peter Miller
Dr Louise Rusk
Dr Nicholas Silver
Dr David Watson